Fireforge teases post-Viking Scandinavian infantry for April release

27 January 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-01-27-at-11.18.05-34962.png Fireforge's Scandinavian post-Viking infantry
Multi-component plastic set will feature 25 figures

Miniatures maker Fireforge Games has confirmed an April release date for its incoming range of Scandinavian infantrymen.

The post-Viking figures will come as part of a multi-component plastic set offering the parts to build 25 individuals.

Among the figures previewed on Fireforge’s site were archers and warriors armed with halberds, maces and axes, plus a variety of shield shapes and helmet styles.

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In other Fireforge news, the company recently teamed up with V&V Miniatures to start offering the firm’s Dark Ages range of Viking and Anglo-Saxon miniatures through its online store.


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