Find-the-führer party game Secret Hitler released (then immediately sells out)

30 November 2016
secret_game-b89696c4-74705.jpg Secret Hitler's components
Social deduction title raised $1.5 million on Kickstarter in 2015

Secret Hitler, the politically-themed social deduction party game co-designed by Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Tempkin, has escaped the bunker of Kickstarter for a full retail release.

A spin on titles such as Werewolf and The Resistance, Secret Hitler casts players as liberals and fascists in an alternative 1930s Germany where all the humans are anthropomorphised animals.

The group votes to elect a president and a chancellor each round, who subsequently introduce new policies.

The first team to pass a certain number of liberal or fascist laws, respectively, wins – but the liberals can also win by discovering who the Secret Hitler is and assassinating them, while the fascists claim power by electing Secret Hitler as chancellor after passing at least three fascist policies.

In the meantime, passing laws grants the president new powers, from the abilities to execute a player to drawing extra cards or revealing a player’s allegiance.

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Secret Hitler raised close to $1.5 million on Kickstarter in late 2015, and has been arriving with backers after the past few months.

Publisher Goat Wolf & Cabbage has now released Secret Hitler to retail through Amazon and directly via the Secret Hitler site, although it looks like both shops have completely sold out of the game already.

Sadly, the retail launch is limited to the US for the moment – unless you’re happy to pay the shipping fees to the UK when new stock arrives – but you can sign up on thesite for a text message notification when the game makes it to foreign shores. There’s also a print and play version of the game available.


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