Find a crew, find a job and keep flying in Scorpius Freighter, the first game in a ‘new sci-fi universe’

01 August 2018
scorpius-freighter-39632.jpg Scorpius Freighter
You can't take the sky from me

The latest board game from Mystic Vale and The Captain is Dead studio AEG is headed to a new galaxy.

Scorpius Freighter has more than a hit of cult sci-fi series Firefly about it, as players recruit crew members for their ship by assigning cards, setting down on planets, making deals and delivering cargo around the system, all while trying to undermine the government for money or morals.

Players can fulfil legal contracts, or venture into smuggling and delivering censored information to help the people – as long as they avoid too much interest from the authorities, that is.

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All the while, their ship can be upgraded and customised, informants can be met and storage managed ahead of the government embargo that brings the game to a close, with the player who has undermined the government most claiming the win.

AEG describes David Short and Matthew Dunstan’s game as ‘a new science-fiction universe’, potentially hinting at future explorations of the Scorpius system.

Scorpius Freighter is set for a pre-release at Essen Spiel this October.


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