Final Fantasy Trading Card Game arrives in the West next month

30 September 2016
starter-sets-1140x621-46948.png Opus I will include 432 cards, with normal and foil variants
Opus I will include 216 cards in both standard and foil variants, with over 2,000 cards currently available in Japan
Final Fantasy Trading Card Game arrives in the West next month Images

Square Enix is bringing the collectible card game based on its hit video game franchise Final Fantasy to the US and Europe.

The Final Fantasy TCG has been available in Japan for around six years now, with over 2,000 cards based on the various games in the series – including fan favourites VII and X, as well as more recent entry XIII.

The game plays similarly to Magic and many other dueling card games, with two players preparing decks based on eight core elements and playing cards to build up resource points, before spending the points to play attacking cards with a variety of abilities, attempting to whittle their opponent’s health points to zero.

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Former TCG pro Taro Kageyama and Shota Yasooka designed the game, the first wave of which – known as ‘Opus I’ – will land on Western shores on October 28th.

Opus I will comprise of 216 cards in both normal and premium foil versions (to a total of 432), featuring the art of Final Fantasy illustrators Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshitaka Amano and Akihiko Yoshida and characters from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, fighting game spin-off Dissidia and greatest hits RPG World of Final Fantasy, which is due out the same day. Three starter packs will be themed around Final Fantasy VII, X and XIII.

The cards’ text will be localised into English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, with the Italian release releasing a little behind the others.


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