Far Cry Heads to Tabletop With Far Cry Beyond Board Game

28 September 2021
Sure, there's Far Cry 6 coming soon, but what about a board game?

Funforge have announced a partnership with Ubisoft to create Far Cry Beyond, a tabletop game expected to release in 2022. 

Though details are currently extremely sparse, we know of the Far Cry games themselves from their immense digital gaming popularity, first-person shooters that have taken players from unmarked islands in the pacific, to the Himalayas, on topics such as arms dealing, mercenaries, and cults, and more. Whilst hype has more recently surrounded the limited amount we've seen of Far Cry 6, it is with some surprise the news of Far Cry Beyond. 

The news came through publisher Funforge's social media channels, with a banner later uploaded confirming that it can be found at the Funforge booth at Speil 2021. Though it's confirmed to be a spin off, no plot or further information on mechanics has been provided. We anticipate more details following the event. 

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If you're looking for similarly converted video games to tabletop games, you can check out our review of Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls, or even watch unboxings for Assassins Creed, or Six Siege, the Rainbow Six inspired game (below). 



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