Fantasy Flight is teasing Discover: Lands Unknown, its mysterious ‘next great adventure’

17 July 2018
discover-lands-unknown-60818.jpg Discover: Lands Unknown
We’ll ‘discover’ more on August 6th

Fantasy Flight has announced its next upcoming game with a cryptic teaser.

The publisher posted a link to a landing page for Discover: Lands Unknown on social media with a mysterious hint: “Do you hear the call of the unknown? It’s your next great adventure from Fantasy Flight Games…”

The accompanying image shows a pony-tailed character standing with what appears to be a backpack and walking stick in front of four scenic backgrounds, including a mountain and a sunny sky, plus what we reckon could be a valley and either clouds or plumes of smoke rising from a volcano.

We also have a date for a presumed full announcement: August 6th. That happens to be the day after this year’s Gen Con, suggesting that the studio may hold off from unveiling the project as part of its usual reveals at the US convention.

Though it’s very possible the game is something entirely new and unexpected, it may also be the next game build on the choose-your-own-adventure-style roleplaying-lite Oracle system, which debuted with the Terrinoth-set Legacy of Dragonholt last year.

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Dragonholt creator and Oracle designer Nikki Valens departed Fantasy Flight earlier this year, but told us that she had one more “big release” due out from the publisher during 2018 – could Discover: Lands Unknown be that game?

One way or another, we’ll know more in a few weeks’ time.


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