Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will let you build armies of deathclaws, mirelurks and Mister Handys

24 November 2017
Deathclaw-65565.png Fallout: Wasteland Warfare deathclaw (Bethesda/Modiphius)
Upcoming expansions unlock creatures and machines as playable factions

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, the miniatures game based on the long-running roleplaying series, will eventually let you create an army of creatures from the post-apocalyptic world to send into battle against the Brotherhood of Steel, super mutants and survivors.

Modiphius co-founder Chris Birch revealed to Tabletop Gaming that among the game’s planned expansions is a creature set that introduces one of the series most iconic animals – the mirelurk – as an entire group of units, including a mirelurk queen and king, plus basic and elite troops.

What’s more, the set will add rules to the game to allow creatures – which otherwise serve as largely passive elements in the environment – to be used as a player-controlled side in skirmishes.

"What that expansion will do is unlock creatures as a faction for tournament play,” Birch confirmed. “It will give you the rules to be able to expand a various group of creatures."

The faction isn’t limited to mirelurks, either, with the opportunity to field an entire army of fearsome deathclaws, if you want to.

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"There are a load of people that just want a load of deathclaws,” Birch laughed. “And then we'll be able to have the albino deathclaw or the legendary deathclaw, different types."

The creature expansion is just one of several packs due to follow Wasteland Warfare’s core box, including sets based on the video games’ DLC. This includes Far Harbor, which brought a coastal setting to Fallout 4, and Automatron, which allowed players to build and customise robots.

In Wasteland Warfare, the Automatron set will similarly debut the ability to create custom robot miniatures – as well as enabling Fallout’s various machines, such as sentry bots, protectrons, eyebots, Mister Handys and assaultrons, to be used as another in-game force.

"The idea for that is it will come with the parts of robots, to be able to make your own robot parts,” Birch said. “But also, again, it turns the robots into a playable faction for tournaments.”

Another planned set will focus on taking Wasteland Warfare’s battles inside Fallout’s iconic underground Vault-Tec vaults, bringing walls, floors and more that can be used to create environments based on the bunkers.

Each of the game’s expansions will include an extra scenario for the story-driven wargame, which is due out next spring.


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