Expanded Wingspan is Gliding Gracefully to a Bird Feeder Near You

10 October 2019
Bird board game enthusiasts rejoice as European birds join the Wingspan flock

Hides across the gaming community will be a-chatter with the announcement of a new expansion to the popular bird-attracting game Wingspan. For those that aren’t aware Wingspan is a game about building up an attractive nature preserve good enough for a wide selection of feathered friends. You do this by upgrading your preserve and activating various different coloured points, some event activating on your opponents’ turns. Winning comes down to points, but as there are more happy birds at the end of every game, isn't everyone a winner in Wingspan?


Created by Elizabeth Hargrave, Wingspan won the coveted 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres. The mechanics of the game offer a similar play style to Terraforming Mars but with a certain joyful lightness. The design also plays a big part in this, with delicate and well portioned imagery that can only be described as ‘bird portraits’, tiny egg-shaped markers and attractive dice depicting berries and seeds.

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Introducing a number of European breeds with their own special abilities and preferences, Wingspan European Expansion is set to open to pre-orders on November 6th. For those who can’t even wait until then, you can sign up for notifications about the expansion on the Stonemaier website.


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