Expand Your Warhammer Black Library For Less Than The Cost of One Good Book (ish)

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07 February 2022
25 books covering the far-reaching realms of Warhammer for less than £14 on Humble Bundle.

For £13.26, you could be the owner of 25 digital stories from the world of Warhammer worth £215.47. 

Humble Bundle is a platform that sells digital bundles for drastically reduced prices from their RRP, with portions of the funds raised paying publishers, charities, and the like. Whilst digital, it's no stranger to tabletop goodies, from Dungeons & Dragons fiction books, to 3D printables, to the Doctor Who RPG, to visual history books of Magic: The Gathering and everything in between. The bundles are tiered, allowing you to pay more for larger bundles, or even add on extras to go to the publishers, and the price is generally dictated by the average cost (meaning they can change from the below).

It's now turned its eye to Warhammer, covering horror, Warhammer 40K, age of sigmar, the Horus Heresy, and many more, with books available DRM free on ePub and MOBI (meaning they will work on a Kindle, for example) where its cheapest bundle begins at just 73p. 

Bundle One – 73p

This bundle includes Ghoulslayer, The Devastation of Baal, Fist of the Imperium, Dark Harvest, The Solar War, and Valedor. 

Bundle Two– £7.36

This bundle includes that above, plus Dante, Valdor: Birth of the Imperium, Avenging Son, Cadian Honour, Bloodlines, Rynn's World, Stormvault, and Fear to Tread.

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Bundle Three – £13.26

This bundle includes both of those listed above, as well as Belisarius Cawl: The Great Work, Covens of Blood, The Oubliette, Flesh and Steel, Soulles Fury, Jaghatai Kahn: Warhawk of Chogoris, Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter, Titanicus, Brutal Kunnin, Dead Men Walking, and The Daemon's Curse. 

You can find all of these until 17th February 2021, so don't delay if you're intending to purchase!

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