TTG Exclusive Preview of Disney Lorcana Card from 'Rise of the Floodborn'

27 October 2023
This character card comes with no strings attached

Disney Lorcana has exploded onto the trading card game, with many fans around the world still struggling to get hold of cards (some of whom are flooding to London Comic Con this weekend for not only booster packs, but exclusive promos too!)


As many are eagerly awaiting news on the next set releasing in November/December: ‘Rise of the Floodborn,’ we were lucky enough to be asked by Ravensburger if we would like to preview one of the upcoming cards from this set. Without further ado, let us introduce you to Pinocchio – Star Attraction!


What does Pinocchio - Star Attraction do?


The brand new Disney Lorcana card Pinocchio - Star Attraction! A 1/1 character for 2-ink who can quest for 3 lore


Much like the little wooden boy himself, this card is deceptively simple in its potential. Whilst the one strength and one willpower ensure Pinocchio isn’t going to prove a threat to practically anyone, his power lies in his ability to quest for three lore, making him the cheapest character to create that much lore from a single quest, sneaking in at only two-ink cost.



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Which Disney Lorcana decks would benefit from Pinocchio?

This two-ink cost gives him a lot of potential with already popular decks, especially the Amethyst and Amber Aggro deck who uses two-cost and cheaper cards with Stitch – Rockstar to draw tons of cards in a turn, ensuring you can quest for massive amounts of lore next turn.


In addition to working well with cards from the first set, Pinocchio is positioned to be a key piece in the potential Amethyst Emerald ‘Bounce’ deck that’s currently being tested with other new cards. Arthur – Wizard’s Apprentice rewards you with extra lore if you return a character to hand at the same time. Simply quest with Pinocchio, then quest with Arthur to return Pinocchio and replay him, generating five lore at a super low value! Combine that with ‘Merlin – Shapeshifter’ who also quests for more lore for every character returned this turn and you have a super-fast engine for success!


Two other new cards that could combine well with Pinocchio: Arthur - Wizard's Apprentice and Merlin - Shapeshifter


What other characters from Pinocchio might appear in Disney Lorcana?

This is also our first card we’ve seen from the 1940 film, with plenty of other possible characters yet to appear: this card's flavour text mentions the wily fox Honest John who could work wonders as a slippery villain character, but maybe a Jiminy Cricket who can mentor your characters to make more lore, or could we even see our first 10-ink card in the form of a magnificent Monstro the Whale? I’m sure we’ll find out in the next few weeks!


So what do you think of our preview card? Are you already brewing up potential decks to include it in? Do you think it’ll see competitive play and become the next sought after rare? Let us know on social media and make sure to keep up to date with Tabletop Gaming magazine for future Disney Lorcana news!


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