Everything you need to know about Dragonmeet

22 November 2023
Dragonmeet, the UK's biggest RPG convention, is back again for 2023 at its home at the Novotel Hammersmith in London. Packed with traders and gamers alike, there's plenty to see and enjoy, and we've compiled everything you may need to know – plus a few tips for getting the very best out of your day.

What is Dragonmeet?

Dragonmeet is the UK's biggest RPG convention, taking place yearly in December, currently at the Novotel Hammersmith. It's one of the best dedicated conventions, taking place over a number of halls and rooms, with big names and indie creators in attendance. Whether you're looking to buy your newest game, hear from your favourite creators, or play with like-minded gamers, it's the place to be for a TTRPG fan.

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Who is at Dragonmeet?

The event is sponsored by Modiphius, with Monte Cook Games and Cubicle 7 as co-sponsors. This year also brings on a number of Associate Sponsors – Loke Battlemats, The Thornless Rose, Rowan Rook & Decard, Free League, Soul Muppet and more. There's then a huge range of additional traders – from big names like Osprey Games, to Indies like Colostle, and themed jewellery makers Kasasagi

A full list of Dragonmeet 2023 traders has been published, so you can plan your wishlist ahead of time.

What is there to do at Dragonmeet?

For a one day event, there's tons for you to be able to do. Whilst we've mentioned traders above that'll let you spend your wares easily – yes, you do deserve that new dice set – the core of the day is the gaming itself. When purchasing tickets you can also join specific games that are running, but if your favourites are full – there's still more to be done...

1. Bring & Buy

Bring & Buy is the best way to sell your existing games, and perhaps pick up a second-hand gem. Have you ever wanted that certain copy of an RPG that's no longer in print? Had a game collecting dust on your shelf? The Dragonmeet Bring & Buy is your opportunity to bridge that gap in a now convention-standard way. To fulfil the "Bring" part, you'll need to book in your game ahead of time, bring it in early (8.30am to 10am), and get your barcodes. At 10am, it opens to convention goers to peruse the shelves, and you can buy that elusive game you've been searching for, usually at a great price. The Buy section closes at 5, at which point, if you've sold a game, you can head back to claim your earnings or retrieve any you didn't sell. Bring & Buys are often a convention favourite, with some really hidden gems to be found!

2. Indie Games On The Hour

Once an hour, pick which indie game you want to try from their description, and leap right in... Indie Games On The Hour can be the best-kept secret for finding new and amazing games. Head to the agreed point, where on the hour, a set of GM's and/or designers will briefly pitch their game. Faced with all the options, you'll be able to pick the one you fancy the most, and dive right into a world you never anticipated playing in, with fellow excited participants over the next two hours. Sometimes these are published games, sometimes you'll be at the forefront of a new release, all of which centred around Independents. One not to be missed. 

3. Podcast Zone

The Podcast Zone offers some of the best RPG podcasts in one handy area, and is the perfect place to hear from those voices in real life that you've heard for so long in your devices. From the opportunity to hear Knigts of Potcedonia (the land from Not Another D&D Podcast) hosted by 3 Black Halflings, and run by Jasper William Cartwright (who you may also recognise from the most recent series of Dropout's Dimension 20: Burrow's End), check out a D&D Panto, join to hear Theatre Macabre Presents: The 3 Nightmares of the Cthulhu who Stole Christmas, and many more (a full list and timetable has been released), check out the schedule and pick your seat to be part of the action as it happens. 

4. Seminars

Dragonmeet seminars can be the best way to get information on upcoming releases from some of the biggest names in the TTRPG industry. Taking place in three rooms across the day, when your feet get weary of wandering the trade halls, rest up and find out the latest information from the people in the know. There are plenty to look out for this year – some offering a look at the next year, like Chaosium and Modiphius, and some offering a bit of fun, from awards to discussion panels, including one titled "Gotta Catch 'Em All: How I used Pokemon to solve all my work problems".

When is Dragonmeet 2023?

Dragonmeet is taking place on the 2nd of December 2023, and tickets are available for advanced purchase up until the 30th November – after that, you can purchase tickets on the door. 


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