Ever wanted to play board games with ancient Egyptians? You can at this Kent museum’s games nights

08 May 2017
OTHER-EXT-side-view-87000.jpg Maidstone Museum
Slight caveat: the Egyptians have been dead for thousands of years

The V&A Museum of Childhood’s fab board games exhibition Game Plan is heading out from its London home to hit the road around the UK, and at least one of the museums it will visit is holding a couple of gaming nights to celebrate.

The Maidstone Museum in Kent will play host to two evening get-togethers focused on games from publisher Thames & Kosmos.

With the museum home to more than 600,000 specimens from throughout history and around the world, from a statue of Lady Godiva to Napoleon’s chair, this may be your only chance to play Imhotep with real-life ancient Egyptians – although, given that they’ve been dead and mummified for thousands of years, the competition may be a little one-sided.

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Other games on show will be Kahuna, Lost Cities and Dimension, plus the new escape-the-room series Exit: The Game, which includes an entry set in Tutunkahum’s tomb – things might get a little too real if the puzzles prove a tad tricky while surrounded by Tut’s compatriots.

The two nights will take place on Thursday July 27th and Thursday August 31st from 6pm to 9pm are limited to over-18s only. Tickets are a fiver.


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