Eureka completes its line of 28mm WWII Soviet minis with heavy weapons, partisans and factory militia

10 February 2017
WWIISov01-84532.jpg Soviet HMG
Publisher teases upcoming range of Cossacks and snipers in the ‘not too distant future’

Eureka Miniatures has filled out its offering of 28mm World War II Soviet models with new heavy weapon, partisan and factory militia figures.

Among the latest additions is an ant-tank rifle team with two miniatures, a 50mm mortar team complete with crew and partisans equipped with rifles, SMGs and LMGs.

The models have been sculpted by the same designer as last year’s models, Kosta Heristanidis, and are available in a variety of variants.

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Eureka said that the new models complete its line of WWII Soviets for the time being, but teased the possibility of Cossack and sniper miniatures ‘in the not too distant future’.


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