Escape the Dark Sector in the sci-fi sequel to co-op throwback Dark Castle

17 May 2019
escape-dark-sector-69071.jpg Escape the Dark Sector
Into the light

‘80s-inspired co-op adventure Escape the Dark Castle is headed into space with a second game in the newly-dubbed Escape the Dark series.

Escape the Dark Sector sticks to the stark Citadel-esque monochrome art style and dice-chucking gameplay of Dark Castle, relocating the action from a fantasy castle to a space station in the depths of the galaxy.

The players begin the game imprisoned, and must find their way back to their own spaceship – dealing with the cyborgs and aliens in their way.

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Dark Sector also expands on Dark Castle’s gameplay, introducing a new ranged combat system to reflect the futuristic weaponry available to players that combines with a greater range of tactical combat options, including the ability to flank, ambush and treat wounds during firefights.

Each of the playable characters also begins the game with cybernetic enhancements, giving them individual powers and abilities that can be used during playthroughs. Among the first skills mentioned are ‘lightning reflexes’ and ‘hull-sundering strength’.

Escape the Dark Sector will make its way to Kickstarter on May 31st.


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