Entromancy: Hacker Battles Now Available

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12 December 2019
Not your grandma’s netrunner

The two-player hackers-at-war card game, Entromancy is now available. 

It’s a kind of engine-building card game where players take turns laying their cards into “sockets” during a compile phase, after which the whole program is executed. In that way it does emulate the way programs do run. Once these engines are built, scores are added up.

While building your program the cards you can interfere with your opponent’s program, steal their cards, or block the effects of some of their cards. 

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The objective cards included in the game give it a kind of “race” feel. These objective can be public or private, making it possible to be playing into your opponents hands, until you can gleam what their objective is. 

The game is one designed for some supplemental play, meaning that is you are playing a cyberpunk style RPG, the game can be used to resolve certain ‘hacking battles’.

If you’re interested in seeing how the game is played, try the How To Play video below, or pick up the game here.



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