Emoji, T-rex or hashtag? Monopoly vote aims to find the ultimate eight tokens

11 January 2017
monopoly-tokens-91445.jpg Three of the proposed new tokens
64 pieces – including both classic and modern contenders – will be whittled down to a final lineup for World Monopoly Day

The days of rushing to play as the Scottie dog in Monopoly could soon be over, as Hasbro launches a vote to find the eight most beloved tokens for its next edition of the divisive board game classic.

The Monopoly Token Madness Vote aims to whittle down a selection of more than 64 contenders, spanning both traditional favourites such as the car, thimble, boot, battleship and top hat and modern newcomers including multiple emojis, penguin, T-rex, jet ski, helicopter, cameras, mobile phone, #hashtag, tortoise and thumbs-up.

Oddly, many of the ‘modern’ suggestions adopt older looks, with a blocky 1980s-style mobile instead of a contemporary smartphone, a boxy television instead of a flatscreen, a desktop PC in place of a laptop or tablet, and a typewriter. There’s also a load of sliced bread, for some reason.

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The final lineup will be revealed on March 19th, which is apparently World Monopoly Day – news to us.

The last major change to the tokens included in standard Monopoly took place back in 2013, when the new cat piece was voted to replace the unwanted iron.


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