Elves are coming to Fantasy Flight’s Warhammer rival Runewars

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12 April 2017
rwm14_spread-12619.png The Latari elves in Runewars
Latari army expansion due out this autumn

Fantasy Flight’s upcoming Runewars Miniatures Game looks to be a cross between the fantasy creatures and settings of Warhammer and the easy, dial-driven gameplay of X-Wing – and like any fantasy world worth its salt, the wargame is getting elves.

The publisher has pulled back the curtain on the Latari elves expansion, which introduces the eponymous faction of pointy-eared forest-dwellers to the world of Terrinoth.

The set includes four units in eight different sculpts, including the cavalry leonx riders; champion Aliana of Summersong – who also rides a leonx – the Aymhelin scions, which are ent-like living trees with winding roots and branches; and a group of skilled Deepwood archers. Because, you know, they’re elves.

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As well as the command dials being tilted towards the elves’ fleet-footed mobility, the pack also introduces new concepts to Runewars, such as the keywords overgrow and lethal, which reflects the elves’ affinity for nature and ability to land extra hits while in combat. There’s also the use of ‘protected’, which helps remove hits before damage is dished out.

Runewars is out tomorrow, April 13th, but you’ll have to wait until this autumn to get your hands on the Latari elves.

Although the pack doesn’t come with the rulers and tokens included in the core box, it could be combined with the upcoming Runewars Essentials set to build up a solo army without having to go all-in on the main box (which comes with two opposing sides).


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