Elder Sign’s next expansion comes bearing Omens of the Deep

03 November 2016
sl19_box_left-64717.png Omens of the Deep is based on an expansion for the Elder Sign: Omens video game
Based on Call of Cthulhu add-on for Elder Sign: Omens video game

Lest a day pass without the announcement of a new game inspired by HP Lovecraft, Fantasy Flight has unveiled the next expansion for Elder Sign.

Omens of the Deep is based on the previously-released Call of Cthulhu add-on for the video game spin-off Elder Sign: Omens, which was obviously originally inspired by one of Lovecraft’s most iconic stories, The Call of Cthulhu, which explains the origins of his spaghetti-mouthed monstrosity.

The boxed expansion introduces the Pacific Adventure decks to the co-operative board game, plus original Mythos cards and the Ultima Thule entrance card.

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Eight new investigators are included in the set, alongside three Ancient Ones to battle against using spells, skills, allies and items. Another addition is mission markers.

Omens of the Deep places players on board the ship The Ultima Thule as it sails across the Pacific ocean in search of the sunken city of R’lyeh.

The adventure takes place during the new R’lyeh Rising game mode, which is split into two stages; during the first, players progress also the Dark Waters track to explore, before attempting to piece together the Amulet of R’lyeh and collect Elder Signs to defeat the emerging evil.

Omens of the Deep will cost $25 (£20) when it’s released – but a date was not specified.


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