Dungeon Degenerates Creators Launch Kickstarter for Dungeon Breakout

05 April 2020
Lurid neon punk meets card based dungeon crawl comes to Kickstarter

Dungeon Breakout, a return to the world of Würstreich first seen in Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom, launched on Kickstarter on 5 April 2020.


Created by GOBLINKO!, Dungeon Breakout is a continuation of the original punk art style of Sean Aaberg.  This leads to a brightly coloured, high contrast game cards and tiles, with artwork recontextualised from the original game.  


Dungeon Breakout from Goblinko Components


In fact, you can read our interview with creator in issue 40 of Tabletop Gaming magazine, available digitally here, where you’ll also see our subscription options, so you’ll never miss another article! 


Within this game, you battle through monsters and mazes to escape the dungeon you are held in. Winning is simply the first to escape, but rarely is the process of doing so quite as simple as that- the dungeon continues to expand, and with it, so do the monsters and jailers. You’ll navigate a space each time, battling your foes and collecting loot as you go. 


Play time is approximately 30 minutes, though the makers explain this can vary depending on the cards you draw. Equally, they’ve created further cards to expand the game if you’d prefer it to be longer. 

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The game itself is for between 2-6 players, requires no skill level, and is for those ages 8 and over. Whilst shipping is anticipated in January 2021, its appeal makes it a perfect game for any group fostering a love of board games in this quarantine period and wanting something to look forward to. 


A rogues gallery of Dungeon Degenerates characters and monsters


Excitingly, the pledges also offer the opportunity for some exclusive miniatures, with $9 offering a Slimelord metal miniature, or a $75 pledge offering the game and a set of 8 adventurer metal minis, designed by Sean Aaberg, sculpted by Jason Fairclough, and cast in pewter at 32mm scale.


Dungeon Breakout’s Kickstarter is running until 15 April 2020, with a funding goal of £28,604. Pledges available include a special Kickstarter price of $25 (approx. £21) for a copy of the game, with miniatures, a copy of the original game Dungeon Degenerates and expansions available with increased pledges. 


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