DropMix is an app-powered CCG that lets you remix pop songs as you battle

13 March 2017
DROPMIX_Board-20941.jpg DropMix
Hasbro teaming up with Rock Band video game developer Harmonix to create hybrid digital and physical title

Hasbro has taken the wraps off a new collectible card game that combines with a mobile app to allow players to remix pop songs as they battle.

The toy and games giant has teamed up with video game developer Harmonix – the creator of plastic instruments hit Rock Band – to create DropMix.

At the heart of the hybrid physical and digital title is a game board onto which players can place cards representing a particular part of a popular track – so, for example, it might be the bass line of Run DMC’s It’s Tricky, the wub-wubs of Skrillex’s Bangarang or the drums from Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. Some of the genres named as coming to the game included pop, R&B, dance, indie, country, rock and hip-hop.

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As the cards hit the podium, they’re automatically read by the inbuilt tech and the selected part starts to mix in with the song playing from the connected smartphone app. There are five slots for different cards and Hasbro claims that millions of different custom remixes can be made from the various bass, beat, loop and vocal sections.

While players can just play around with the cards to make and save custom tracks, there’s also competitive modes for one-on-one or two-versus-two. Different cards rack up points, with the first to 21 winning and being crowned as the world’s greatest DJ, we assume.

60 cards will be included with the base system, which will sell for $100 (£82), and Hasbro will release Magic: The Gathering-like booster packs of five or 16 cards for $5 (£4) and $15 (£12), respectively.

300 cards will be available during 2017, after DropMix launches this September.


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