Dromedary camel miniatures bolster Perry’s Napoleonic forces

02 March 2017
17097228_1114853921970046_132860464545664890_o-73967.jpg Dromedary camels
28mm metal models joined by Bombay sepoys

Here’s something a little different if you’re looking to spice up your Napoleonic army.

Perry Miniatures has released a series of 28mm dromedary camels with mounted French riders for scenarios set in Egypt towards the end of the conflict.

The poses include standard and command troops on walking camels, dismounted command, dismounted skirmishing and sitting camels with guard.

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The metal figures have been sculpted by Alan Perry and complement the simultaneous release of 28mm metal Bombay sepoys, including grenadiers, command and marching troops.

According to the miniatures maker, the sepoys “are designed for Baird’s Indian contingent which landed in Egypt in 1801 but arrived just too late for any action”.

“However,” it adds, “they could be used for ‘what if’ scenarios and of cause for the campaigns in India at the time.”


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