Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game heading to PC and mobile next year

14 November 2016
Cw9Zx_JUQAAycNF-44225.jpg The card game was released earlier this year
Tabletop title based on popular book series released earlier this year

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game will be brought into the digital world in 2017.

Based on the series of fantasy novels by Jim Butcher that kicked off in 2000 and was later turned into a TV show in 2007, the co-op card game was designed by Eric B. Vogel and published earlier this year by Evil Hat, which was also responsible for the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game.

Video game developer Hidden Achievement tweeted confirmation that it is currently creating a digital port of the game for PC and mobile platforms.

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The virtual version is planned for release in spring or summer next year.

See the original tweet for more details – sparse as they are.


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