Dragonmeet 2022 – Our Guide On What To Expect

28 November 2022
The UK’s biggest single day roleplaying game show returns, and here’s what you need to know


Dragonmeet is back, and it’s this weekend. If you’ve not got your tickets already, you can pop over here to pick them up.


The event is taking place on 3rd December 2022 at the Novotel Hammersmith over two-and-a-bit floors. Big names will be in attendance – such as Chaosium, Cubicle 7 and Modiphius, as well as loads of our favourite indie creators. We’re told that there’s around 30% more stands this year, making it one of the biggest Dragonmeet events ever.


WATCH: Check out what we picked up when we went to Dragonmeet 2021:






Dragonmeet is one of the ‘smaller’ gaming conventions, but it won’t feel it. In terms of space, the upper hall is dedicated to the bigger players, shops, and what might be considered ‘crossover’ titles – where the world of roleplaying meets board games, wargames and so on.


This area also contains some of the open gaming areas for the show, and is a great place to generally chill out.


Downstairs the hall is packed wall to wall with smaller tables for the most part. In our experience this is the buzziest part of the show, it’s where you’ll likely spot Mike Mason getting mobbed for autographs for example.


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The Podcast Zone sees stars of the soundwaves ready to do what they do best, which is mostly talking amusing nonsense. And to compliment this, there are a number of talks and announcements going on which are worth checking out for deep dives.


Check out the map to find your favourites.


If you’re booked for a game, remember you can get in from 8:30am for the games kick-off at 9:30am. The main trade halls open at 10am. Gaming sessions run 2pm-7pm and 7pm-11pm before Dragonmeet comes to a close at midnight.


From our personal experience, you’ll never find your way into the convention the same way twice. As it’s held in a hotel there’s plenty of ways to accidentally find your way in. As with all conventions, simply follow the nerds.


HEAR: Chaosium at Dragonmeet 2021




Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran, here’s our top tips for visiting Dragonmeet this year.


  1. Remember what you’re there for. If you’ve got games booked, a commitment to see a talk or you’ve arranged a demo of a game, stick with it. It’s very easy to feel FOMO during a one day event, especially when everything seems to be happening at once. You’re going to have the most fun if you focus on what you turned up for in the first place.
  2. Open your heart, and your wallet. Dragonmeet is one of the best places to sort out your Christmas shopping for the other gamers in your life (assuming they’re not standing next to you). This is because, aside from the larger releases from the big names, you’ll be able to find weird and wonderful indie roleplaying games that have slipped under your radar.
  3. Take A Break. Because Dragonmeet is a more intimate show than others (lots of smaller halls and rooms rather than a huge cavernous space) it can be a bit overwhelming for some. Even if you remember you’re around some of the nicest people in the world at an RPG convention, it can still be a bit much. Luckily you’re in a hotel, so there’s a couple of handy bars to get a cup of coffee and chill at. Also, you’ll probably need to take a moment to flick through everything you’ve just bought.


With all this in mind you should be set for a great Dragonmeet 2022.




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