Dragon Ball Z miniatures game powers up for anime’s 30th anniversary next year

12 July 2018
dbz-48243.jpg Dragon Ball Z
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Dragon Ball Z is being turned into a miniatures game to celebrate the anime series’ 30th anniversary.

The currently untitled game is being created by IDW, the studio behind the Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena board game and the upcoming miniatures game based on Batman: The Animated Series, as part of a run of tabletop games set in the Dragon Ball universe.

Coming out later this year is social deduction game Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000, inspired by the memorable phrase turned meme, which involves characters competing to be the first to increase their power level past the iconic figure.

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Launching alongside that game will be Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle, a disc-flicking dexterity game featuring destructible terrain and battles resolved by bouncing tokens into each other, and IDW’s first of several planned games based on the noughties sequel to the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

The Dragon Ball Z miniatures game will head to Kickstarter ahead of a planned release next year, three decades after the debut of the anime on Japanese TV screens. 2019 also marks the 35th anniversary of the original Dragon Ball manga. Three of the franchise’s films from the 1990s are due to be re-released later this year as part of the anniversary celebrations.

The game is said to feature brand new figures with unique sculpts modelled after their on-screen counterparts. Players control the fighters, pull off moves and use items to do battle with their opponents.

Details are otherwise currently thin on the ground, but IDW adds that it has plans to support both its Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super series of games until the end of 2021, so expect to hear plenty more in the months to come.


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