Don't Forget The Kittens! New Isle of Cats Kickstarter Confirmed

06 May 2021
Not only haz cheezburger, but now expansions

The Isle of Cats is a polyomino cat placement board game, where you're seeking to rescue as many island cats as you can. It hit Kickstarter with a bang, and has remained a popular game since as a medium weight gateway-friendly game. 

It's unsurprising, though still exciting, the news that an expansion is on its way, with brand new boats, and a goal of rescuing the forgotten kittens and ancient beasts left behind, named Isle of Cats: Don't Forget the Kittens, coming to Kickstarter on 25th May 2021. You can click here to set a reminder for the upcoming project, so you'll know when it launches.

Updates are being issued each day across a number of forums, such as BGG and the City of Kings website, discussing the artwork, components, and mechanics, which means you can pick up new information each day. 

As part of that, we know so far that the Kickstarter will include not just an expansion, but also some non-game related content, made up of seven different items - some expansions, some accessories, and some yet to be announced. Confirmed is a kitten module, introducing small kitten tiles, a beast module that does the opposite, with larger new creatures, rats, new animals, and a boat with a different layout and shape, of which there will be others. 

It's exciting news for fans of the game, and for those who are looking for their next favourite game.

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You can pledge for your copy on Kickstarter on 25th May 2021, and can set your reminder by clicking here

If you're looking for something to fill your time in the wait, don't forget to check out the daily updates, or even check back on the Remote Edition, created at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic as a great way to spend the wait. 


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