Dobble crowned UK’s best-selling game of 2018 as it shifts over a million copies

17 January 2019
dobble-59082.png Dobble
Hard to match

Symbol-matching card game Dobble was the biggest game of 2018 in the UK, according to market analyst NPD.

As reported by trade publication ToyNews, sales of the fast-paced reaction game have grown consistently year on year since it debuted in 2011, with last year’s figure alone jumping 24% compared to 2017.

The data in NPD’s December report named Dobble as the “clear” best-selling game in terms of value in the UK for 2018, putting the seven-year-old title ahead of every brand new release launched over the last 12 months, as well as older favourites like Ticket to Ride and Catan.

If you’ve somehow missed the craze, Dobble involves quickly spotting two matching symbols between two circular cards – the cards are carefully designed so that each pair only shares one pair of icons. Other game modes included in the rules take the symbol-spotting gameplay in other directions.

While there have been numerous licensed spin-offs over the years featuring familiar characters and pictures – from Star Wars to Disney – the original Dobble has now shifted more than a million copies in the UK alone. With all its other editions taken into account, that number is likely to be a good deal higher.

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Last year saw the release of the kid-friendly Dobble Junior; ToyNews reports that “several new titles” in the series are planned for release in 2019.

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