Dimension 20: Burrows End Trailer Looks Like Watership Down Meets Everdell

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20 September 2023
Dimension 20 have dropped a trailer for their new season, Burrows End - set to launch on October 4th 2023. As a continuation of the TTRPG Series, this season will focus on a family of stoats confronting the dangers of a wider and wilder world.

This week, the American subscription streaming service, Dropout (formerly CollegeHumor) announced Dimension 20: Burrow's End with a brand new trailer. The new season will focus on a family of stoats living in The Blue Forest, with Aabria Iyengar returning as Dungeon Master.

What can we expect from Dimension 20: Burrows End?

Teased initially with just three emoji's: 🔵🌲⚡️, many assumed that the next season could be a Percy Jackson style campaign of gods and great power; perhaps a similar way to how Misfits & Magic took on a Harry Potter-esque world. After much speculation from fans, Dropout tweeted a confirmation that it was actually their upcoming season, Burrows End

So, what can we expect to see from Burrows End? The trailer introduces the Stupendous Stoats, characters of mixed ages living amongst the Blue Forest in seemingly idyllic settings. The mysterious blue of the Blue Forest remains a mystery, even to the Stoats that live in the Burrow, but something terrible is brewing, forcing the Stoats from their home to somewhere new. The game trailer shows the perils that they may face, described as "beast, bog, or betrayal", over ten episodes. 

The world is an independent setting, unlinked to other games or tales, and will run on D&D 5E. 

Dropout confirmed the following cast and their character names as follows:

  • Jasper William Cartwright (he / him) as Thorn Vale (he / him)
  • Erika Ishii (she / him / all) as Ava (she / her)
  • Brennan Lee Mulligan (he / him) as Tula (she / her)
  • Isabella Roland (she / her) as Lila (she / her)
  • Rashawn Nadine Scott (she / her) as Viola (she / her)
  • Siobhan Thompson (she / her) as Jaysohn (he / him)

The season will premier on October 4th, launching each Wednesday afterwards, and being followed by an Adventuring Party episode (a cast discussion of the episode just filmed).

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What is Dimension 20?

Dimension 20 is a series of actual play shows that are hosted on Dropout. Formerly CollegeHumor on YouTube, before swapping to subscription based Dropout, which one might describe as a nerdy Netflix. Dropout runs a number of highly successful TTRPGs, alongside geek culture and improvisation shows, such as Um, Actually, which sees contestants having to correct the host on a topic (and later became a tabletop game successfully Kickstarted), and Game Changer, where participants play games without knowing beforehand what the rules are. The Dimension 20 actual play series has covered a wide range of topic, styles, and systems, many featuring Brennan Lee Mulligan as Game Master, with the core group of "Intrepid Heroes" in Emily Axford, Siobhan Thompson, Lou Wilson, Brian Murphy and Zac Oyama. Other, often shorter series, have included recognisable names such as Matt Mercer, Aabria Iyengar, and recently, vertical video sensation Hank Green.

What do Dimension 20 Usually Play?

The Dimension 20 series has covered a wide range of styles, both in gameplay and theme. Though predominantly running D&D 5th Edition, they've also used versions of Kids on Brooms, Mythic, and Good Society, with elements or versions amended as needed. 

Though the series began with Fantasy High, an adventuring school for the future heroes, it has also had series on magical realism in New York (Unsleeping City), Game of Thrones in a world of food (Crown of Candy, later also Ravening War), Fairytales gone wrong (Neverafter), Space mess ups (A Starstruk Oddysey, based on Starstruck part created by Elaine Lee, Mulligan's Mother), Bridgerton style fairy courts (A Court of Fey and Flowers), a first campaign for popular drag queens from Ru Paul's Drag Race (Dungeons & Drag Queens), and more. 

A screenshot of Dropout's Dimension 20 page, with nine of the series showing, including Mentopolis, Dungeons & Drag Queens, Ravening War, Crown of Candy, Neverafter, and more.


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