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15 July 2022
Beneath the Ever-tree now sits a chance to play on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch

Everdell, the award winning board game of tiny critter meeples (and later, larger moose meeples), now has a release date and trailer for its upcoming digital release. 


The game, designed by James Wilson and published through Starling Games, sees you building new territories from Everfrost to Bellsong, constructing buildings, meeting new characters, hosting new events and seeking the most points in order to win. The game was followed by further successful expansions, that of Pearlbrooke, which added frog meeples and pearls to collect, Spirecrest, which added a new exploration element, and Bellfaire, which offered different gameplay modules that allow you to tailor the game to the style you most enjoy playing. A further two expansions, and Big Box version were available on Kickstarter last year, being Mistwood and Newleaf. 

You can see a little more about these in the below video. 

Everdell goes Digital 

The digital game is being adapted by Dire Wolf, the same company who adapted Root so successfully, and will be available on PC, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. In it, you'll play the core game, delightfully reimagined. The trailer features wiggling mice graphics to take the place of the standard meeple, and small additions like construction graphics and more. 

You can now add Everdell to your Steam wishlist, where it will be available alongside the mobile edition on Thursday July 28th. The Nintendo Switch version will follow later this year. 

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