Dicey Peaks is a puntastic game of dangerous mountain exploration from the designer of Tiny Epic Kingdoms

24 February 2017
dicey-peaks-79457.jpg Dicey Peaks
Kickstarted push-your-luck title due out this summer

Tiny Epic Kingdoms creator Scott Almes’ next project is a push-your-luck dice-roller with the pun-laden name of Dicey Peaks.

Subtitled with the equally punny tagline ‘sheer adventure awaits’, Dicey Peaks is themed around mountaineering, with two to six players rolling dice to work their way up to the world’s most dangerous summit.

During the roughly 40-minute journey, they’ll need to deal with a dwindling oxygen supply and other natural hazards – plus the roaming yeti.

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Publisher Calliope Games revealed that it has a Kickstarter planned for the game, with an estimated release date this summer.


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