Dice Throne: Season One is being remastered in 2020, with new visuals, balance fixes and a Battle Chest

26 June 2019
dice-throne-remastered-93388.jpg Dice Throne: Season One Remastered
‘If you are already having fun and don’t mind the visual difference, then we suggest that you do not buy the remaster’

The first season of dice-chucking battle game Dice Throne is being remastered to bring it up to speed ahead of a new co-op expansion and Season Three for the series.

Dice Throne: Season One was only released last year, and gathered a passionate community of players with its character-focused mix of Yahtzee and Magic: The Gathering. Players select a hero, play cards to upgrade their abilities and then roll dice to attack and defend, hoping to knock their opponent’s health points down to zero.

It was followed by a second season later in the year, which overhauled the game’s artwork – while characters from either season can be used against each other, the difference between the backs of cards means that players could potentially see when loot cards from the upcoming Dice Throne Adventures expansion were coming up in their deck.

In response to calls from fans to bring Season One’s visuals in line with Season Two, designers Nate Chatellier and Manny Trembley, as well as publisher Roxley, announced that they would be releasing a ‘remastered’ edition of Dice Throne: Season One next year.

The biggest change in Season One Remastered will be the inclusion of new dice, cards and boards that match Season One’s full-art cards and colour-coded dice, making it easier to combine the sets together. The only element unchanged from the original Season One will be the dials used to track health and combat points. Promo cards from Season One have also been confirmed to be part of the remaster.

The gameplay will remain almost untouched, with the game’s creators saying they will “refine” hero abilities to improve balance and “remove a few interactions that can make DT less fun”. 

Despite the changes, the Dice Throne team said that the Remastered edition would only be necessary for players participating in tournament-level organised play, or those picking up Dice Throne for the first time.

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“In fact, if you are already having fun and don’t mind the visual difference, then we suggest that you do not buy the remaster,” they wrote in an announcement on Facebook.

“Tournament play is very different than casual play. The only reason the casual players might want to update is for the updated look or the unified card backs.”

Dice Throne: Season One Remastered will be released in shops as a starter box including four heroes – the Barbarian, Moon Elf, Shadow Thief and Pyromancer – with the Paladin and Monk available as a separate two-hero battle box.

Seaosn One will also receive a Battle Chest similar to the all-in offering for Season Two, which include all of the characters from the season in a storage box and will only be available as part of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the co-op expansion Dice Throne Adventures, which launches on July 16th.

The price of the starter set and Battle Chest are yet to be confirmed, but the team said that it expects the cost to be similar to Season Two. Two-character packs cost £23, while the Battle Box was $135 (£106) as part of the Kickstarter.

Dice Throne: Season One Remastered is planned for release next spring. A Kickstarter campaign for Dice Throne: Season Three is expected to go live this summer.

Edit: A previous version of this article indicated that loot cards were already present in Dice Throne. The cards are due to be introduced with the upcoming Dice Thrones Adventures expansion. We have revised the text to reflect this, and regret the error.


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