Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game gets a Game of the Year Edition

03 November 2020
Even if that year is 2020

The original Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game from Portal Games was released in 2018, to much acclaim. In fact, when we reviewed it in the September 2018, we gave it a Must-Play, the highest recommendation, and since then its spin-offs (such as Dig Deeper, part of its signature collection, reviewed in Issue 45 earlier this year) have been praised for offering more of the same kind of fun. However, if you missed the game back then, now is a great chance to get your copy with extras, as Portal Games announces a Game of the Year Edition. 

The core game is that of solving a crime. You'll use the cards given to tell stories, a narrative of what is happening as you progress, which then dictate your choices - do you look further into that particular clue, using precious time? Or do you investigate another location instead for even more clues? These may be more cards, or you may even investigate using its online search, which compiles your evidence, fill in some of the blanks, and at the end of the game, will be where you answer the key questions of the case, to see if you've truly solved it. 

So improving on the game, comes in the form of additional components. Throughout the game, you're encouraged to keep your theories and evidence, which generally you'll do with pen and paper to keep up and make your connections. The new edition will provide 30 photos of character portraits, that you can use instead of or alongside this to create a mind map, linking your suspects or people of interest. 

This has been seen before - it was a promotional item available for purchase in addition to the game - but now, nicely, is included within the box itself. 

Though that is the only difference confirmed, it's a nice one if you haven't purchased the game before and this will be your first time playing, or if you're buying as a gift for a friend or family member. 

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You can pick up the game directly from Portal Games, or a copy of the original game from amazon if you'd prefer. Either way, it's time to pull on the deerstalker hat and get solving crime!

Then keep your eyes peeled, because next year we have the Vienna Connection to look forward to - the same engine as Detective, but transforming players into secret agents in Cold War era Europe....



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