Descent’s companion app brings a free DLC campaign to Journeys in the Dark

07 December 2018
embers-of-dread-74321.jpg Descent: Road to Legend – Embers of Dread
You’ll need its expansions to play, though

Dungeon-crawler Descent: Journey in the Dark has been expanded with a free campaign for its second edition.

Embers of Dread is available now through Road to Legend, the free Descent companion app on PC and mobile. The app replaces the human overlord player with an AI opponent that makes the game fully co-op, as well as letting players generate new randomised adventures on the fly through its Delve mode.

This new campaign centres around a cult attempting to free a Dragonlord from his prison, with a stronger focus on puzzles than pure combat. It also takes place in a new location, the city of Riverwatch, in which players’ characters can side with some of the opposing factions at work.

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Although Embers of Dread and Road to Legend are both free, you will need Journeys in the Dark boxed expansions Lair of the Wyrm and Labyrinth of Ruin in addition to the main core set if you want to play.

Find the app and campaign on iOS, Android and Steam.


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