Descent: Journeys in the Dark companion app adds randomised campaign mode

03 October 2016
monsters-32149.png Monsters and tiles will be pulled for the player's entire Descent collection
The Delve creates a unique six-stage adventure that takes around two hours to complete

Road to Legend, the companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, will now allow players to randomly generate new two-hour campaigns.

The app replaces the opposing overlord player in the adventure game, dictating the placement of monsters, tiles and tokens, allowing up to four players to all work together to complete a series of pre-set campaigns, beginning with The End of All Goblins and Kindred Fire.

This changes with The Delve, a new in-app purchase for the tool which procedurally generates a new six-stage adventure for players, spanning four normal stages and two bosses to defeat.

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Each campaign is expected to take around two hours to complete, including fresh tiles, a unique objective, new rules and monsters, concluding with a dash to a portal found in each setting to progress to the next stage.

The variety of tiles and locations in The Delve expands with Descent’s physical add-ons, with the core set bringing 15 regular stages and fives bosses. Each expansion includes between three and seven new stages, with monsters imported from the player’s entire roster.

The Delve is due for release in the near future. A price has not been announced.


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