Decrypto’s Klingon expansion is real and free to play

17 May 2019
decrypto-klingon-01222.png Decrypto's Klingon expansion
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Want tricksy word-guessing game Decrypto to be even more brain-busting? You’re in luck: try playing with the official Klingon-language expansion.

Yep, that read that right: Decrypto has received a full deck of word cards written in Klingon, the fictional language from Star Trek. If you thought it was hard to guess the rival team’s word-based code before, trying doing it ghorgh yeSay'a pa' tlhIngan.

The Klingon deck has been released online by publisher Scorpion Masqué, which previously teased the expansion on April Fools’ Day last month, saying: “We were about to announce a Klingon version of Decrypto, but since everyone is aware of #AprilFools joke [sic] at this time, it will not work...”

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As the Klingon cards use the same scrambled format as Decrypto’s coded cards, which require the glasses in the box to read – unless you can selectively filter out red light another way – so you’ll need a copy of the original game to play. A passable level of Klingon will also help.

The Klingon deck itself is free to download and print-and-play. It’s been created with assistance from the Klingon Language Institute (yes, that is also a thing), so you know it’s the real deal.


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