December 2018 #428 Miniature Wargames is out today!

09 November 2018
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What do we have for our readers this month?
December 2018 #428 Miniature Wargames is out today! Images

Issue 428 of Miniature Wargames is on sale today so what do we have for the readers? 

We have  Child Soldiers and Alien Worlds: a brace of articles encouraging the next generation of wargamers with rules and ideas.

We also have  Simple Sword Play: this is a short set of Musketeer rules (with details of their development) and it includes a scenario!

Havelock at Aong:  India – July 1857. It’s another Command Decision conundrum by Jon Sutherland.

Utulie’n Aure! The day has come! Converting and painting First Age Elven Cavalry from historical figures in the Foundry and Victrix ranges by Graham Green.

In Send Three And Fourpence Conrad Kinch has some ideas for scenery and its use and in Wargames Widow you can see how to scratch-build trenches!

In Send in a gunboat! Dave Tuck gives rules for naval battles with both steamboats and junks along with downloadable components.

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The editor takes his camera to some more wargames shows. Two are featured:  Tabletop Gaming Live and SELWG.

In The Numbers Game we look at the importance of maths in games and the role it has to play.

For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: The usual peek at the latest in F&SF gaming with releases from Battle Mats; Gringo; Osprey; Antediluvian Miniatures and more! There’s Forward Observer with (mostly) historical wargaming product reports from Mantic; Deep Cut Studio; Brigade; Battle Mat; Kallistra; Pendraken; Osprey and Copplestone Castings. Finally we have Recce for 16 book reviews. And the free Club Directory!


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