Deadly Premonition, video gaming’s answer to Twin Peaks, will live on in its own board game

08 May 2017
Sinners-Sandwich-09398.jpg Deadly Premonition
Tabletop follow-up to 2010 cult classic described as 'a game of innocence, incrimination and murder'

In 2010, a video game called Deadly Premonition was released for Xbox 360. Initially criticised for its gameplay, graphics and writing, it later found a dedicated following and re-evaluation among fans for its quirky off-beat humour, endlessly quotable script and surreal murder mystery storyline (plus an obsession with coffee and pie), earning it comparisons to David Lynch’s influential 1990s television serial Twin Peaks.

As Twin Peaks itself returns to screens this month after 25 years away, Deadly Premonition is also making a comeback – but as a board game.

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game has been teased in a very brief trailer posted by publisher Rising Star Games and tweeted out by Japanese developer and creator-auteur behind the game, Hidetaka Suehiro, better known by his nickname ‘Swery’, who hinted the game would continue the world of Deadly Premonition.

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Beyond references to the game’s dual-personality hero, special agent Francis York Morgan, the game’s infamous ‘FK in the coffee’ scene and a brief shot of four police files showing suspects in the murder, the video reveals very little – the game’s official website adds little more, simply describing it as “a game of innocence, incrimination and murder”.

A timer on the site is ticking down to tomorrow, Tuesday May 9th, when we will presumably learn more about the upcoming adaptation.


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