Dead of Winter designer can’t get enough of the cold, announces co-op survival horror game Outpost: Siberia

10 May 2017
1500x1500_4eb42c6ec1a055748a7d0c3b05662d4c24fca0dfef6fa02173990989-27845.jpg Outpost: Siberia
Jonathan Gilmour collaborating with Sagrada co-creator Daryl Andrews

Dead of Winter co-creator Jonathan Gilmour has been a regular sight in the headlines recently, working on everything from a board game homage to Jurassic Park to adaptations of retro arcade classics Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command.

The designer now has an extra game to add to his rapidly expanding list of credits in the form of Outpost: Siberia.

The card game is familiar ground for Gilmour, as it puts players together in a co-operative fight for survival in a freezing horror setting, needing to stick out the weather, fend off attacks by wild animals and hunting out the food and tools regularly needed to up their chances of making it through.

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It’s been co-designed by Sagrada co-creator Daryl Andrews, and features an interesting dual-facing card system that means every card can be one of two things – good or bad.

Each player takes on a researcher with a unique ability, who can choose to share their cards with the group or stash them for their own use as fresh events and threats are drawn from a central deck.

Siberia is said to be the first release in a planned series of four Outpost games, each taking place at a different location and packed into a metal tin. It will be out towards the end of August.


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