Dead of Winter co-designer’s next game will only have 200 copies – ever!

23 January 2017
38196534ce2f34a4ec31b96e82a86ad8_original-11919.jpg A prototype of Gilmour's Make/100 game
Jonathan Gilmour's untitled project being hand-made as part of Kickstarter’s Make/100 campaign

There’s limited edition, hard-to-find and rare – and then there’s the next game from Jonathan Gilmour, which will only ever have 200 copies made to begin with.

Gilmour, who is best known for co-creating Dead of Winter, as well as working on titles such as Vault Wars, Pocket Dungeon and Wasteland Express Delivery Service, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for an untitled board game, of which there will be exactly 100 copies available, all hand-made from chipboard and cardstock by Gilmour himself.

A further 100 copies will be produced on demand by a printing company, bringing the final total of units to 200.

It’s part of the Make/100 campaign run by Kickstarter, which encourages creators to offer a crowdfunded project during January limited to a run of just 100 units – although the execution of the ‘only 100’ rule is flexible, allowing Gilmour to technically offer twice that number.

Gilmour mentions that he is yet to decide on a concept or theme for his game, but has vowed that “no matter how good this game is, I will never sell it to a publisher, or in otherwise reproduce it”.

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“I'm anticipating the game to be pretty good sized, with a myriad of tokens, dice, cards, boards, etc.” he predicted. “If I end up designing a component-light game, I will just design a second game to make it worth it for you!”

Although unlimited copies of the print-and-play version will be available, Gilmour will sign and number all of the physical copies – both homemade and printed on demand – to highlight the game’s rarity.

A homemade copy of Gilmour’s game is $60 (£48), with a professionally printed version more expensive at $80 (£64) – although you’ll have to add an extra $20/£16 for postage to the UK.

At the time of writing, the campaign has almost doubled its $5,000 (£4,014) goal with two weeks left to run. The game – whatever it turns out to be – will be released in February 2018.


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