Dark Souls: The Board Game’s first expansion will go to the Painted World of Ariamis

09 November 2016
Painted_World_of_Ariamis_01-92623.jpg The Painted World of Ariamis was an optional area in the first Dark Souls game
Add-on inspired by popular location from video game teased for release in 2018

Much like the US election result, it’s likely to be a week of mixed feelings for fans of Steamforged’s upcoming Dark Souls board game spin-off.

Steamforged posted an update to the crowdfunded title’s Kickstarter page, announcing that it was on schedule to start shipping the massively popular game’s core set one month early, in March 2017.

This was quickly counterbalanced by the news that the various add-ons and stretch goals promised for the title, such as the various extra boss monster and character figures available for purchase during the campaign, would be delayed all the way to October of next year.

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A double sting came through the game’s shipping costs, which many backers said had doubled from initial estimates. Anecdotally, one of the TTG team actually backed the campaign and ended up paying £20 in postage on top of their £80 pledge – bringing the total cost to £100, without any add-ons, which would be posted for free.

In an attempt to soften the blow, Steamforged announced the first major expansion for Dark Souls: The Board Game, which will be based on the highly popular and iconic Painted World of Ariamis optional area from the first instalment in the video game series. The Painted World of Ariamis expansion is planned for release in 2018.

If you backed the base Dark Souls game through Kickstarter, Steamforged has promised to provide all supporters with a digital voucher for £15 off future expansions and add-ons for the game – but from the look of the comments section below the post, it’s unlikely to take away the immediate sting of the unexpected shipping costs.


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