Cyberpunk RED Gets a Release Date and More Info Revealed

12 October 2020
And it's 2020!

R Talsorian Games have long teased Cyberpunk RED. An update to the original Cyberpunk, this was actually pushed back from its June release date due to COVID-19, but now with Cyberpunk 2077 looming - the highly anticipated video game featuring a character named Johnny Silverhand, who may look just a little like Keanu Reeves...- a release date for the Tabletop RPG has been confirmed. 

The digital edition will be released on November 14th 2020, with the physical edition following on 19th November 2020.

That's not all though - there are more details! We now know that this book is going to be huge. With a rough word count of 211,000, 143 individual pieces of art, and a suggested retail price of $60, this is a very decently sized RPG to hurl you into the Cyberpunk world.

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Within it, you've got everything from the anticipated introduction, to three pieces of fiction, an introduction to the Cyberpunk and TTRPG world with View from the Edge, an introduction of ten new roles, a lifepath system, development of your characters, explanation of skill checks, difficulty values, and unique role abilities, taking pain, hacking, dealing with injuries, in depth discussion of law and how the world came to be as it is, all the way to everyday life and the economy. There's even more of course - including guides for Game Masters to make the whole process as straightforward and fun to get as possible.

The game itself is the fourth edition of Cyberpunk, which emerged in the late eighties and was originally set in 2013, before being updated to more 'modern' times (with a twist, of course). This update has been highly anticipated and fans of the series will be pleased to see this hit shelves,

You can see the full release details (with more to come in following weeks) over on the R Talsorian Games site, and begin your countdown. 


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