Cry Havoc lets slip its first expansion next month

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11 September 2017
pic3671707-10987.jpg Cry Havoc: Aftermath
Aftermath adds new universal structures, faction structures and leaders

The first expansion for card-driven strategy game Cry Havoc will be out next month, a year after it was first announced.

Cry Havoc: Aftermath adds new universal structures to the game, providing buffs for all of the asymmetrical armies duking it out over the planet’s precious crystals, as well as buildings specific to each faction, including a choppa for the humans, psycho-chamber for the machines, turbo harvester for the pilgrims and swamp fields for the trogs.

Players will also be able to utilise the command of four new leaders, one for each side of the battle, who expand the number of tactical options and skills available.

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Finally, there are new scoring events that provide the chance to rack up bonus points during the course of a match.

Portal Games has confirmed that Aftermath will be released at Essen Spiel at the end of October.

When we reviewed the original Cry Havoc last year, we found that the different traits of the four armies made them feel distinct and fun to play as once you master each one’s specific focus, but were disappointed that the game’s drab look couldn’t live up to its excellent gameplay.


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