Cry Havoc co-designer crowdfunds abstract strategy title Druids

27 September 2016
12bae60ba9f609778206ea4c94af53f6_original-17292.jpg Druids' pieces are inspired by animals
Two-player game features wooden components and gameplay inspired by animals
Cry Havoc co-designer crowdfunds abstract strategy title Druids Images

Grant Rodiek, co-designer of Cry Havoc and creator of Hocus, Farmageddon and Solstice, has launched a Kickstarter for a new game.

Rodiek is working on Druids with developer Antonio Romeo and illustrator John Ariosa, who has previously worked on games including Netrunner, Battleship Galaxies and Mice and Mystics.

The third release from Rodiek’s publishing label Hyperbole Games following Hocus and Farmageddon, Druids is billed as an abstract strategy title for two players that plays in around 10 minutes.

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The game’s pieces are made from wood and feature a variety of environments and animals, as well as six triangles representing the titular Druids and a game board.

Each player is attempting to capture three of their opponents Druids by landing on their space, or making it across the board to the enemy temple while holding a Stone. Held Stones can also be used for a variety of movement abilities, each inspired by the animal it portrays.

Druids costs $50 including shipping, but is only available in the US for the time being due to ‘unreasonable ‘costs. Rodiek promised that backers will receive the game in time for Christmas. A print-and-play version is also available.

The campaign has already raised more than $5,500 against its original $1,000 target, with 10 days left to run.


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