Crusader Miniatures debuts motorcycle squadron of WWII French Dragon Portés

18 January 2017
img1025-29820.jpg Dragon Portés troops
28mm metal figures can be used as recce troops

Crusader Miniatures has expanded its range of World War II figures with the motorcycle division of the French Dragon Portés cavalry unit.

Portrayed as being on foot by designer Mark Sims, the 28mm metal models can be used as recce troops for other 1940 French formations.

Crusader confirmed that it is looking into producing motorcycles and sidecars, but added that the vehicles’ release “won’t be in the very near future”. However, grenade launchers and AT gun crews are due to launch soon.

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Seven packs of the figures are available, with a platoon bundle including 38 models: the command group made up of four figures and a 60mm mortar and crew, plus three squads comprised of seven riflemen, two LMGs and one SMG.

The platoon bundle costs £55.10, but has been reduced to £41 to celebrate the launch of the range. Separate infantry packs are £5.80.


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