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16 February 2022
A next-generation fifth edition magazine made for a digital world.
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I still remember when my mother came home with a box of dog-eared magazines she picked up for $5 at a yard sale in the early ’90s. I had recently started my obsession with AD&D, wearing out my DMG to the point I had to use duct tape to hold the cover together. However, inside that box was a trove of Dragon and Dungeon magazines that sent 12-year-old me into a rabbit hole with no bottom in sight. I soon sent my younger brothers into the depths of the Undermountain, burning through character sheets in the Tomb That Shall Not Be Named and countless adventures now deemed classics. Fast forward almost three decades later, those print magazines were soon replaced with PDFs and digital flipbooks or disappeared altogether.

Enter Crucible Magazine

As I flip through the pages of Crucible Magazine, I’m filled with that same excitement 12-year-old me had when opening that battered cardboard box so many years ago. Every issue features four complete adventures with new monsters, magic items, and maps for various party levels. And leafing through the new player options—such as new subclasses and backgrounds—already has me excited for rolling up a new character. The best part is there’s more than just playable content! Each issue includes a four-page color comic (remember those?), a DM’ing advice column, and interviews with industry experts; it's a true and proper magazine.


Crucible is full of nostalgia, and it's clear that every issue attempts to revive the magazines of old. Even so, it’s a modern magazine, and its graphics and layout suggest that it's also aimed at new audiences, as well as old grognards like me. The artwork is simply stunning, and the gorgeous maps make me forget graph paper even exists.


This is the essence of Crucible Magazine: it embraces the old and the new. The magazine will be available in both a monthly printed issue and a digital PDF, including all of the handouts and maps as downloadable assets! Not content with that, Crucible has teamed up with Foundry VTT, a leading virtual tabletop that has exploded in popularity over the past year. Each issue is organized into a complete module that uses all of the features of Foundry VTT to create a seamlessly integrated experience that even a Luddite like me can appreciate.


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It’s refreshing to find a professional publication like Crucible coming to market once more. With contributions from ENNIE-nominated writers and an internationally diverse team of artists filling the launch issue, there’s clearly an experienced team behind the content. The magazine also promises to be a platform for new content creators to have their voices heard.

So how do you get involved?


Crucible Magazine has a Kickstarter launching today (February 15th), intending to expand the magazine and bring on more key staff to their team to help fill it with even more content. The launch issue has already been made and contains over 80 pages of fifth edition content! You can get your hands on the launch issue for free by grabbing a link from their Kickstarter page to either download the PDF or access the free Foundry VTT module.


Pledge options for the Kickstarter allow supporters to purchase issues of the magazine cheaper than it will be available once the Kickstarter ends. Not only that, there are many physical goodies such as dice, models, DM screens, pins, and more, along with some Kickstarter exclusives! You can find more information by heading over to the Kickstarter page at and pledge today!


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