Critters Rejoice! Everdell Kickstarter Tops £1 Million

11 March 2021
Time for a very lavish Bellfaire celebration

On 9th March 2021, Starling Games launched a new Kickstarter for the popular game Everdell, consisting of two new expansions in Mistwood and Newleaf, as well as the opportunity to pick up a Complete Collection, including Everdell, the two newest expansions, and the four that preceded it, as well as the collector's items created along the way. The project was funded in nine minutes, with over ten thousand backers in the first 24 hours, and exceeded its target of £35,875, whereby at the time of writing, it stands at £1,169,372 - and the Kickstarter will continue to run until 25th March 2021. 

Consisting of gorgeous art, various meeple creatures, and a cardboard Evertree that sits atop the board, its no surprise the world of Everdell has been embraced as it has, and upon its release in 2018 it was was immediately praised for the fun, strategy, and all around enjoyment it represented. In fact, we reviewed Everdell, and gave it our highest accolade, a Must Play recommendation. It was followed by Pearlbrook, an expansion that allowed you to go searching for pearls, then Bellfaire, with modular expansions, and Spirecrest, which took you off on an adventure with added large critter meeples. In the new expansions, you'll be making the most of the Railway built in Newleaf that brings with it new challenges, and in Mistwood you'll be discovering Nightweave as an autonomous additional player. 

The Kickstarter offers you the opportunity to purchase the complete collection, for $199 (about £144), as a big box including everything in the previous games, as well as the collector's additions that came with it. For context, picking up the base game and current expansions from retail would presently cost around £150, without the addition of the new expansions or collectors additions. If you've previously bought the collection, however, you can pick up the new expansions as a standalone for $60 (about £44), or with a 'big ol' box of storage' for $99 (about £72), to contain the whole collection in one box. 

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The Kickstarter will run until 25th March 2021, and you can find it by clicking here. The next question to ask, is will it reach £2 million?

We also completed a paid for first look at the new expansions, explaining what came before and what was coming next - you can check that out below!



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