“Critters” Get a New Tabletop Experience with Munchkin: Critical Role

05 March 2020
Defeat Foes and Uncover the Mysteries of Wildemount… sort of.

It’s time for some more DM bribing, door kicking, backstabbing fun with the latest version of Munchkin. And this time, praise Mercer, it’s a Critical Role variation! That’s right, thanks to TheOp and Steve Jackson Games this Autumn you too can play in mind blowingly popular Wildemount. Sure there isn’t really any roleplaying to be done but you can be a massive pest to your friends and that counts for something right?


On the off chance you’re reading this and haven’t at least seen a game of Munchkin being played, the concept is very simple. Your goal is to reach level 10 by ‘kicking in doors’ (drawing cards) and fighting any monster that happens to appear or just grabbing the loot. The joy of it comes from backstabbing your friends with cards that weaken them or strengthen the monster. Buffing angry house plants to become unstoppable gods of death because you don't want them to get another bit of loot.The humour is tightly tied to old school D&D tropes like cheating on your character sheet, using your hireling as a shield, or bribing the DM for experience by giving them pizza. And it says something of human nature that even 20 years since its launch, Munchkin is still relevant, even to those who have only just started with 5E.

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Like any licensed product however, knowing the subject matter is directly linked to how much you’ll enjoy it. Getting to fight Lorenzo might be a dream come true for fans but those outside of the loop are just going to see a blue ogre. And while it does look like the members of Critical Role’s iconic Mighty Nein are going to be in the game, what part they’ll play is unclear. Character cards, followers, foes?

Munchkin: Critical Role is slated for an Autumn release and will cost $24.99.


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