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20 August 2020
Get into the spooky mindset, they're after some Warhammer horror

On occasion, the Black Library will open their doors, and invite you - yes you - inside, with the opportunity to write tales of Warhammer. This time, with the doors due to open imminently, it's focussing on a request for short story horror submissions, just as the nights begin to draw in. 

You'll be able to submit from Monday the 19th of October through an online form (that perfectly, closes on October 31st), but for now it's offering some advice and comparisons in advance of the form being available, giving you time to get your best horror thinking cap on. 

You'll be asked to provide a paragraph length summary of an original short horror story, plus a 500 word extract

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There are four horror categories to chose from, and Warhammer provides examples of books in a similar range to give you a feel for what they might be looking for. These are as follows: 

  • Survival
    • "An individual or group are preyed upon by a hideous, unseen menace, such as a Lictor or malicious troupe of Spite-Revenants!"
    • Examples given of this are Sepulturum by Nick Kyme, or Castle of the Blood by C L Werner
  • Psychological 
    • "Someone is traumatised by visions or their own warped mind… the work of the Ruinous Powers, perhaps?"
    • The example given for this is The Oubliette By J C Stearns
  • Gothic
    • "Haunted Imperial cathedrals or Nighthaunt-infested castles, anyone? The Gothic genre has influenced all the Warhammer settings over the years and presents great storytelling opportunities."
    • The House of Night and Chain by David Annandale is the example for this one.
  • Cosmic
    • "Mere mortals are confronted by the reality of eldritch entities they can barely understand and become playthings of the ancient star-gods known as the C’tan, or the innumerable daemons of Chaos."

    • With the example of The Child Foretold, by Nicholas Kaufmann

It will reply to entries, but cannot provide feedback. If successful though, your story could be published!



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