Could Sagrada be about to get a fifth-player expansion?

10 January 2018
pic3491120-42527.jpg Sagrada
Floodgate Games teases that dice-drafting hit ‘is about to get a bit bigger’

Dice-drafting, stained-glass window-crafting delight Sagrada could have its first expansion on the way, if a cryptic tweet from publisher Floodgate Games is anything to go by.

The studio posted an image of a yellow player board, teasing that “Sagrada is about to get a bit bigger”.

One of the possible interpretations – and perhaps the most likely assumption – is that the mysterious expansion will introduce the components needed for a fifth player to compete in the race to complete a grid of multicoloured dice, as the four player boards currently in the main box are purple, blue, red and tricolour.

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There’s nothing more to go on than Floodgate’s fleeting hint, but it might be that any expansion might also bump up the number of dice, tool cards and hidden player goals available – as well potentially some more window cards to slot into the player boards, which dictate which dice players must try and slot into their display.

Sagrada’s Kickstarter campaign actually offered up a fifth player board – in green – for backers, but was explicitly said to not increase the supported player count.

For now, all we can do is guess at what the tweet might mean. But anything that gives us more of Sagrada is a reason to celebrate.


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