Cottage Garden’s digital version has bloomed on PC

03 November 2017
ss_ee8d0dd262dbb0b99f8c89f324f0d27edae0d7a8-07122.jpg Cottage Garden PC
Uwe Rosenberg title recently came to mobile

Mere days after Cottage Garden arrived on iOS and Android, Uwe Rosenberg’s gardening delight has made its way to another digital platform: PC.

The Steam version of Cottage Garden is a straight adaptation of the brilliantly serene tile placement game, albeit with support for local and online cross-platform multiplayer as well as solo play against three different computer-controlled rivals.

There’s both casual and ranked play, with games able to be played in real-time or  asynchronously using 24-hour time limits for each turn.

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If you’re yet to try Cottage Garden out, a tutorial introduces the simple mechanics, while the Playback mode allows more familiar players to analyse their play and examine experienced competitors’ tactics.

The PC version is priced at £5.19, but is 30% off until November 8th as part of the launch, bringing its cost down to £3.63.

It was recently announced that Cottage Garden is just the first in a planned trilogy of tile placement games from Rosenberg, with autumn-themed sequel Indian Summer out soon.


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