Corvus Belli is launching a spin-off to sci-fi wargame Infinity

05 May 2017
Capture-60794.JPG Aristeria!
And it’s a board game!

Here’s something we didn’t see coming: miniatures publisher Corvus Belli, the creator of sci-fi skirmish wargame Infinity, has plans to expand the universe with a brand new title.

What’s more, the spin-off won’t be a miniatures title, but a full-bloodied board game.

Aristeria! sees two players managing teams competing in an arena battle set in Infinity’s Human Sphere. Designed from the ground up, the only hint of gameplay details is that players will need to plan their actions and defeat their opponent.

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Although it will be set in the Infinity universe, Aristeria! won’t be compatible with any of the miniatures wargame’s gameplay, instead operating as a completely separate experience.

The only look at the game so far comes via a short teaser trailer (below), with a release date for the game expected in late 2017 after demonstrations at Gen Con, Essen and the Interplanetary.


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